A netbook is all about compact computing. You want to be able to access music, people, papers, or any file at any time. It would be nice to do it securely too. On a netbook, you would obviously need an antivirus software to protect your files. If you need to access your files on a web server you could ftp to it. If there are files across several computers like your mom's, brother's, coworker's, or classmate's you share data across all of them. If you want to work remotely from another computer to another that's possible too. Suppose you have a cd or dvd and you want it to work on your netbook...just create a disc image on another computer and use it as a virtual drive here on the netbook. To increase your workspace on your small screen, you can use this to virtually expand your desktop. In case you want to talk to real people and live the Jetsons dream of a video phone, this is your chance.

Consider changing your operating system to Jolicloud or Ubuntu or Easy Peasy.

There are two "portable" application suites you can download for free.

A Few Words.

GotNetbook is a resource for running your netbook as lean as possible; it also benefits laptops, desktops, and any older computer in general. Install as little as possible and only what you need. The goal is do as much as you can with the resources available.

This entire site was created on an Asus 1000HE, a few portable apps, and several gallons of tea.

I believe you can be as portable as you want to be.


The Comparison Chart
Traditional software Online Apps Portables
Large file size
No install needed
Small file size
Costs $30- $300+ each
Upgrade costs money each time
Free seamless upgrades
Setup program needs a key for each install
Account signup sometimes needed
No key needed
Full featured
Most common features
Almost (or) all features
Load speed depends on computer resources
Load speed depends on internet connection
Load speed ~20 seconds longer
Run speed is normal
Run speed is typically faster
Run speed is normal
Must be installed on a OS using a specifc version
Runs on any computer using a browser
Programs areOS dependent but are portable
Usuable offline
Online only
Usuable offline
A Glossary

Common terms and a simple explanation

flash drive...a chip based memory drive with a USB connector about the size of a pack of gum.

laptop...a portable computer with integrated keyboard and screen that typically weighs 5-10 lbs.

netbook...a lighter less powerful laptop with typically lacks a cd/dvd drive.

online app... software based on a web site which can be run through a web browser.

portable apps...software which can be copied to a computer for use without needed to be installed.

remote desktop...software which lets you connect from one computer to another to view and/or take over the other.

tablet...a writing surface that translates directly onto a computer; it can be intergrated into the screen or be a plugged into the computer separately.

virtual drive... software that treats a drive image(.iso file) as if it is a physical drive.

VOIP...software you use to talk from computer to another computer like the Jetsons video phone.

whiteboard...a shared online board which two or more people can draw on and share files like an online chalkboard

workspace...the blank desktop space where you manage your computer folders and files.

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